Sunday, May 23, 2010

past games

well here's a little something from pretty much every game ive worked on since day 1 :-)
Oldest to newest

Mace Griffin:Bounty Hunter

and this was a little something mocked up for possible Bounty Hunter 2 idea...obviously never got that far

Need For Speed Underground

we were contracted to do car body kits, LODs for all the pieces and set up the UV coordinates, then pass it back to EA
This is the only one i have, i believe i worked on 3, this one is the Integra kit

Stacked Poker

i did character skinning and facial animations for this poker game

City Of Villains

i made several "hero piece" buildings and many many props
also several interiors sets

Afterburner:Black Falcon

i was responsible for 4 entire sets and helped out on all the others as well
also did final checks and lighting passes

Battle of the Bands

was responsible for 6 levels and made animated props for all levels

and last and least....
City of Eternals

i made many kit piece sets and many more props for this facebook MMO.....
see previous post called Modular fun fun fun

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