Friday, October 12, 2012

Battlestar Galactica Online

so this is my current project
i have so far been responsible for all new content related to new space sectors...this involves making the assets, setting them up as prefabs and packaging them into bundles to speed up loading times
heres are 2 new sectors so far ...this is know as battlespace sector. Its function is to allow new low level players to the game a sector where they can experiment and earn some resources without having to worry about the level 200 players killing them just for fun

This sector is the new free for all sector...lets say there is something about this sector that effects the mind, so if you play as cylon or colonial you can now attack people of your own the game is all about fighting each other this we hope will be popular and setting up leaderboards for the various types of craft will make people keep playing this to be the best

Here is some of the debris wreckage i created for this "graveyard" arena

All debris objects use 1 atlas...the ship wrecks use their original material with a damage overlay and use the debris atlas for all the damage
Right now i am working on creating a colonial weapons platform to replace the generic asteroid currently in the game...there are 3 sizes - small medium and large so i am creating a lego kit that can be assembled in any way and create all versions from the same pieces and use the same texture as well
here is where i am upto so far

These are the pieces used so far....i need to make a few more larger bits for the larger platforms
All use 1 1024x1024 and 1 256 as i couldnt fit the alpha crossbeam in and keep it a decent resoluion

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